The Dark Knight

In April 2008, I accidentally got myself involved in the marketing campaign for The Dark Knight. To cut a long story short, I was given a 35mm print of the then unreleased trailer which had just been screened to a select few, and discovered it had been ‘vandalized’ by the Joker himself. I took pictures of the reel, and then posted them on here – simply because I had no idea what else to do with them.

On that day, this was the 14th most viewed blog in the world.

Having had all sorts of traffic from all over the web, I managed to use up my monthly 30gb of photo bandwidth within a few hours, made the leading news article on Total Film‘s website, and at one point watched a video of some people attending a similar event in New York, talking about a “guy in London” who had got his hands on a copy.

You can use the links below to view the full set of images, posts and videos that cover those very bizarre few days. I imagine they’re probably what you’ve come here to see, anyway…

The Photos

The Screenings

The Server crash

The Bootleg


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