2011 Albums Week 1: Dirty Wrecked – Esteban

A relatively easy choice to kick off the year, given that it appears to be the only album to have been released this week. It seems the post-Christmas market doesn’t have much room for new entities.

Dirty Wrecked comprises of thirteen latin-infused, African beat-pounding pop tracks, overdubbed with a voice that occasionally sounds reminiscent of My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way and his monotonous rambling. It’s the kind of album that aims to be fun with no pretentious undertones, and there are moments where it succeeds. Album opener and title track Dirty Wrecked is diverting enough, and while the lyrics provide very little worth delving deep into, that’s sort of the point behind them. It’s designed for singing and dancing along to, rather than analytical scrutiny. But it ultimately falls down thanks to one glaring error; all thirteen sounds sound exactly the same. Take a jangly guitar, repeat the title of the song a ridiculous amount of times, and throw in a grating childrens’ choir on Just a Girl, and you’re pretty much left with this.

Did I despise it? No. Would I listen to it again? The repetitive nature of the material makes it seem that I already have half a dozen times, and there’s no compelling urge to go out and add it to my record collection. Truth is, I’m probably just not the target audience for this sort of thing.


Click here to hear it on Spotify.


~ by chrispresswell on January 8, 2011.

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