An Open Letter to Channel 4, re: Scouting for Girls.

Dear Channel 4,

I would like to register a complaint regarding your V Festival coverage on Saturday, August 21st 2010.

Around midnight, it was deemed appropriate to show Scouting for Girls performing an acoustic rendition of Pulp’s Common People. Now, it cannot be said that there was no warning of an impending acoustic atrocity from this band, who have scientifically been proven to be the single greatest abomination in the history of music (and indeed all culture). But your failure to warn viewers that they would be tackling a song by indie legends Pulp was inappropriate at best. As such, not only was I faced with the aneurism-inducing blandness of Roy Stride’s pop combo, but I also found myself being rendered physically sick as they performed their truly hideous take on what is considered a very fine, perhaps even classic song.

I also wish to register my dismay that one of your presenters referred to the aforementioned band as having “a raw, unbridled power.” It was this kind of inappropriate comment that dented their otherwise sterling presentation duties. In fact, the entire broadcast would have been greatly improved with more of Steve Jones and Alexa Chung’s relentlessly hilarious banter throughout, as opposed to more of that silly music nonsense.

I trust that this feedback will be taken on board, and that appropriate measures will be put in place to avoid future lapses in judgement.

Yours truly,

Christopher Presswell


~ by chrispresswell on August 22, 2010.

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