SunTalking out of your Arse.

Jon Gaunt is an obnoxious prick.

Here’s the legal disclaimer. This isn’t a scientifically proven fact (though fret not, they’re working on it), but rather my own personal opinion.

Ergo, I’m exhibiting free speech.

On Monday, The Sun – everybody’s favourite children’s magazine – launched it’s very own online radio station, SunTalk. Billed as the “home of free speech,” Gaunt is fronting their daily three-hour dose of right-wing drivel.

Gaunt was fired from TalkSport in 2008 for calling a councillor a “Nazi” when he defended plans to stop smokers from becoming foster parents with some silly notion about ‘not wanting them to die.’ To be fair, it’s only a short step from imposing a fascist regime and exterminating six million people in cold blood.

Gaunty (as his moronic followers call him) spent the station’s inaugural hour speaking to David Cameron. To his credit, it was no mean feat given how far up Cameron’s bottom he’d managed to lodge his tongue, constantly referring to him as “Prime Minister,” and generally making clear his political stance. So much for Ofcom’s impartiality rules.

But therein lies the problem – Ofcom can’t touch them. As an internet-only broadcaster on a website belonging to a news organization, SunTalk answers to the Press Complaints Commission. It’s something Gaunt keeps proudly banging on about, as it means anybody can say what they like and there will be no repercussions. Take that, glaring face of government oppression!

Except everyone involved seems to have misunderstood what ‘free speech’ actually means. The British people are not oppressed, and anybody in the UK can criticise what the government does without fear of repercussions. That is freedom of speech, unlike in Zimbabwe where being openly critical of those in charge could very well cost you your life. It most certainly is not an excuse to air your ignorant right-wing views.

But let’s roll with it. An hour after he’d left the studio, an older-sounding gentleman phoned in with the view that Cameron hadn’t said enough about the elderly. Great! Only a few hours in, and SunTalk gets its first opportunity for a full-on political debate!

“I disagree,” said Gaunty, before accusing the caller of giving misinformation and promptly cutting him off.

Now ignoring the irony involved of The Sun accusing somebody of ‘misinformation,’ it seems you’re only allowed to express your opinion on the condition that you agree with those in charge – which is exactly what their whole imaginary crusade is supposed to be fighting against!

Ultimately, the station is probably harmless. For the most part, it’s just Sun columnists blabbering on about nonsense in their usual way – one of them expressed their opinion that the government shouldn’t have bailed out the banks, but the football clubs instead. But given it’s only accessible via their website, it should hopefully do nothing more than preach to those already converted.

Though ultimately, everyone involved needs to realise that just because you bang on about ‘free speech,’ it doesn’t give you license to talk out of your arse.


~ by chrispresswell on April 25, 2009.

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