The Dark Knight trailer #3 – Jokerized version UPDATED

I’m gonna post these all here, just to save me reposting the same photos all over the place. I’ll probably update it with some more later on, as I’ve not made it all the way through yet.

UPDATE: Just to clarify, this is the London print that was given out last night. As far as I can tell, eveything’s been added by hand (there were a few thumbprints as I went through it), and a few bits and pieces have been spliced in.

And here’s the rest of them.


~ by chrispresswell on April 29, 2008.

45 Responses to “The Dark Knight trailer #3 – Jokerized version UPDATED”

  1. Thanks so much for this! Please post more, these are goddamn hilarious.


  3. Very cool! Thanks for sharing the pics, they must have been hard to photograph, ha ha!

    BATMAN FAN? Visit The Bat-Blog!

    Thanks, Tommy

  4. yay! these shots are great, thanks for taking the time.

  5. I was at the Boston trailer event–I actually got to carry the film reel to the theatre and hand it over to the Warner Brothers employee waiting for us (I found out after that she worked for the studio itself, when I thanked her for the event). When our trailer finished, I remember seeing a bunch of images flash by–only for a second or two in total. I brushed them off, not realizing the obvious possibility of an Easter Egg. I think they were different from what you saw, because I distinctly remember a large circle with a person inside (it made me think of the “cigarette burns” as described in Fight Club).

  6. […] if this post is any indication, it seems someone got to the film […]

  7. Well, if this isn’t just amazing. Think we’ll see this in motion any time soon?

  8. These look intriguing. Glad you got some pictures of the reel up.

  9. […] There is a ton of photos, and you can view them on this blog, here. […]

  10. Hey we went ahead and posted an article about you..
    check it out.

    We used some photos, but went ahead and gave you a trackback.
    Thank you for posting!

  11. I want! Thank you for posting!

  12. […] reels that had been graffitied by The Joker. One such London viewer named Chris Presswell posted pictures of the reels on his blog. The Joker added things like “Mama’s Boy” to a scene with Batman, and […]

  13. Oh man, that’s so great!! I’m jealous of whomever got to scratch all the reels because that looks like it woulda been fun. /dork

  14. I went to the Toronto event, the guy sitting four seats beside me won the reel.

  15. dude, here’s a sugestion for you.

    Why don’t you take this film to a shop where they convert stuff to DVD? Then you’d have the trailer in high quality and could upload.

    Remember the instructions, SHARE! and congrats for sharing =D

  16. Getting it converted to some other format would probably be really expensive.

    However, I AM trying to get it screened somewhere. If anybody from Warner Bros. would like to inform me that, actually, that’s illegal- please let me know!

  17. […] Posted by Daniel Nasserian on April 29, 2008 Yesterday during the viral campaign to get fans into a theater to check out the second trailer for “The Dark Knight” *takes a breath* a raffle was held and one luck fan was awarded a film reel containing the trailer. Upon closer inspection it was realized that the film was altered with a bit of the Joker’s messages. You can check out those alterations HERE. […]

  18. […] A film was recovered, defaced by the Joker. […]

  19. […] sobe no palquinho e sorteia um dos tickets (com apenas um número diferente do meu) com outro rolo de filme igual ao primeiro. Mas saí de lá com uma carta linda, um sorrisão maior do que o do Coringa e […]

  20. […] pistas. Um dos malandros publicou em seu blog algumas fotos da película com as tais pistas. Clique aqui para dar uma olhadinha. Sobre o vídeo… Era de se esperar que fosse retirado do ar. Portanto […]

  21. brilliant id love to see that actually in a motion…

  22. In response to Alex’s comment, I was at the Boston hunt too and also saw the cigarette burns. I’m pretty sure I saw Rachel’s face from the party scene, really quickly flash at the end.

  23. […] The Dark Knight trailer #3 – Jokerized version UPDATED I’m gonna post these all here, just to save me reposting the same photos all over the place. I’ll probably […] […]

  24. […] still photographs of the negative stock that give a better look at the hand-made trailer version, click here. BloglinesDiggFacebookNewsVineStumbleUponTechnorati Posted by: Rob Smith on 04.29.08 Posted in: […]

  25. Hahha, I love it. Its bound to be a box office hit!

  26. Awesome!

  27. […] Hmmm, Dark Knights…. The Dark Knight trailer #3 – Jokerized version UPDATED « Chris Presswell. No, Really. […]

  28. […] of the London reel, discovered this first and you can find photographs of almost every frame on his blog. Some of the “comments” of the Joker are pure brilliance (I had to laugh at the […]

  29. Great stuff. This looks like it could be the best one yet.

  30. […] never let anyone keep any actual film prints, and the Joker did his dirty-deeds. Discovered over at Chris Presswell’s blog from London, which features photographs of nearly every last frame. The Dark Knight hits theaters […]

  31. hey thank you for these. i was wondering if it might be possible to get a better quality pic of the part with two face on it. i am eager to see a picture of harvey dent in this state. please please, pretty please.

    thanks. this is freakin awesome.

  32. Thank you sooo much for posting this. I had to work, or I would’ve gone to the NY hunt. Thanks again!

  33. […] A film was recovered, defaced by the Joker. […]

  34. […] Si quereis ver fotos de los fotogramas modificados, clickad aquí. […]

  35. I can’t wait to see a hot sexy man in a bat suit.

  36. WOW! Absolutely GREAT! Tahnks for sharing!!!


  37. I was there that night, thats amazing, no wonder they did not put it on

  38. […] this is good, creative advertising. Plus, it’s a very Jokeresque thing to do. Check some more of the trailer’s filmstrip on Chris Presswell’s post. He claims it’s real, and hand-made. Someone even left his fingerprints on the film. I […]

  39. you should maybe consider upgrading to pro today

  40. […] ainda não se pronunciou, mas um londrino fez a alegria da galera. Além de ter publicado em seu blog as fotos do prêmio que ganhou após a exibição do Trailer do Batmá, esse querido palhaço […]

  41. […] rarely hand out film prints. But there was something unusual about these prints. Apparently, every last frame had been defaced (by hand!- thumb prints on the film to prove it) by the […]

  42. Haha, that’s so funny and cool.

  43. […] James Gordon then sent the player an email which launched Operation Slipknot. The mission: work for the Gotham Police Major Crimes Unit and hunt down the corrupt cops (who also organized the ConcernedCitizensforaBetterGotham website). Players called The Gotham Hotel and re-routed packages intended for the cops. As a result, 27 of the 30 officers were arrested. Gordon rewarded the players with a personal phone call. The Joker, not to be out done, sent an email to his mailing list not to worry about Gordon. He also distributed a new whysoserious link displaying Jokerized political figures. Then through more scavenger hunt in major cities, players unlocked the new movie poster, the second theatrical trailer, and the Jokerized film reel. […]

  44. […] ainda não se pronunciou, mas um londrino fez a alegria da galera. Além de ter publicado em seu blog as fotos do prêmio que ganhou após a exibição do Trailer do Batmá, esse querido palhaço […]

  45. […] - Chrispresswell (多謝 Jas […]

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