How many Les Pauls are in this photo?

Answer: Three.

The legend who gave his name to Gibson’s guitar has a Monday night residency at New York’s Iridium Jazz Club. Every week, he plays two shows to packed out crowds. Oh, and he’s 91.

While I’m not normally phased by the age of a performer (see Chuck Berry last week), I was slightly worried that, at that age, he’d be a bit… rubbish. But sure enough, he can still play lead guitar VERY well. He’s also incredibly chatty, telling stories and making jokes between songs.

He’s also backed up by a more than competent band, who take it in turns to sing. His double bassist even did a song on his own- something I’d never seen before, and never really thought possible. His lyrics also resinated with me, as part of the double bass-playing world.

“If you wanna cause some problems, if you wanna cause some pain, go down to your local airport, and try to put your bass onto a plane.”


Anyway, despite it being another BB King’s-style venue (how you can justify charging $50 a ticket, and then imposing a food and drink minimum is beyond me), it turned out to be another fantastic night out. If anybody happens to be in New York on a Monday evening, I’d thoroughly recommend popping along!


~ by chrispresswell on January 8, 2008.

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