M&Ms. They’re small pieces of chocolate, and they come in little bags. Nothing more, right?

Well, not exactly.

On our first foray into Times Square, we stumbled upon it’s newest acquisition: M&Ms World.

M&Ms World
Frankly amazed that there could be an entire world devoted to tiny pieces of chocolate, we paid a visit to see what exactly was inside- three whole floors of M&Ms-related merchandise, ranging from T-shirts (mostly starting from XL- go figure) to toys, to earrings, to, erm…

Most amazing of all, though, is the pick’n’mix.

Not content with the traditional five colour range, you can pick and choose your own mixture from a whopping 22 different colours.

You have to wonder who the hell came up with this idea- it’s absurd. It’s ridiculous. But, bizarrely enough, it’s working. It was absolutely swamped, and is probably making a fortune.

Why didn’t I think of it first?


~ by chrispresswell on December 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “M&Madness.”

  1. Blimey.

  2. Oh what jokes! That statue is pure brilliance.

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