Welcome to the United States.

So, having made it to JFK International Airport only 15 minutes late, we were shattered and just wanted some sleep. Instead, we had to go through ‘immigration.’

The immigration process is a bit scary. It’s survival of the fittest (having stepped out of a tin can after 9 hours, the last thing you want to do is queue up for another hour), and requires you to be fingerprinted digitally. But, it’s alright. There’s posters up saying that you’ll be treated ‘with respect,’ and that your immigration officer will be polite to you.

“Are you staying here or in transit?”
“I’m sorry…?”


It has to be said, though, that after being taken for complete idiots, everyone else does seem to be quite nice. Our apartment is huge, and the city’s quite lovely.

It’s also sufficiently mad. Upon leaving the airport, we had to take the AirTrain, a DLR-type train with no driver, and no operator, either. It’s utterly amazing.

Pity they don’t mention anything about paying for it until you get off, though…


~ by chrispresswell on December 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “Welcome to the United States.”

  1. Are.you.having.a.nice.time?
    My parents said they got asked that a lot when they were in America My dad said they seem to zone out and get confused by the accent. He wasn’t impressed when they thought they were Australian.
    Awaiting with anticipation for pictures, ME.

  2. I hate the Department of Homeland Security. Immigration especially. They treat everyone the same Chris .. like shit. Even their own people with US passports.

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